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Why Is My Fish Tank Filter Making Bubbles and Loud Sound?

If you own a fish tank, you will know that over time, it can make bubbles and create a loud sound which is very annoying. The noise and bubble attacks can occur when the filter is new or when a part breaks down. The bubbles might not be limited to your fish tank instead, they might be making your fish sick in addition to being annoying.

In this article, we will tell you everything that you wanna know about your fish tank filter.

Many Filters Make Bubbles But It’s Completely Normal.

Many filters make bubbles in a fish tank but it’s completely normal.

Aquarium filters tend to come with a variety of filter media and the filter media can produce a lot of bubbles, so it is not unusual for fish keepers to see bubbles in their tanks.

The air bubbles will usually travel up to the surface of the water, where they will pop and disappear. This process will continue until all of the air is gone from the filter media. It may take several hours for all of the bubbles to be removed from the aquarium, but this is perfectly normal.

An air pump is a device that forces air into the water to help circulate it. Air pumps are used in aquariums, ponds, and other water features for fish and aquatic plants.

How Do I Choose an Air Pump for My Aquarium?

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There are many different types of air pumps on the market today. The most common type is the diaphragm pump or piston pump which uses a rubber diaphragm to move air through the tubing and into the aquarium, pond, or water feature. Other types of air pumps include magnetic drive pumps and the rotary vane air compressor.

Which Type of Aquarium Air Pump Should I Choose?

The most important factor when choosing an aquarium air pump is how much power you need. If you’re using an under gravel filter or similar accessory that requires your pump to push water up through very long tubes then you may need more power than if you’re just using a bubble wand or airstone.

May Be It’s Your Fish Tank Live Plants?

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It can look like your filter makes bubbles if you have live plants in your fish tank or a lot of algae. The bubbles are just trapped air, and it’s not a sign that something is wrong with the filter itself.

If you use live plants in your fish tank, or if you have a lot of algae in the tank, it can look like the filter is making bubbles.

Algae and live plants release oxygen into the water, which collects at the surface and forms tiny bubbles. These bubbles attach themselves to the filter media and are then moved around by the water flowing through the tank.

When this happens, all that happens is that these tiny bubbles move around with the water flow and make it look like there are a lot of bubbles coming from your filter. The return from the filter will often be where you see these “bubbles” appear.

If you don’t have any live plants in your tank, and you’re not overfeeding your fish, check to see if your filter is positioned correctly. If it’s not aligned properly with the aquarium wall, it may be pushing water against it, causing bubbles to form.

If your filter is working properly and has been maintained regularly, then there shouldn’t be anything wrong with it. The reason for this is that filters remove oxygen from the water as they work, so if there were lots of bubbles being produced by the filter itself then that would mean there was an air leak somewhere in your system.

A Protein Skimmer Can Make Bubbles.

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I don’t know what kind of filter you have in your fish tank. But if it’s a canister filter, I would be looking there. Canister filters tend to have a lot of bubble-producing media and they produce a lot of bubbles. Because they are full of water, they are submerged and the bubbles don’t get released into the aquarium’s water column and form an enormous bubble nest on top of the water.

“But my protein skimmer makes bubbles too!” Yes, but it produces more bubbles than it releases into the aquarium’s water column because it is not immersed in water. The only bubbles that escape from the protein skimmer are those that are not caught by the skimmer cup or air pump.

Why Is My Fish Tank Filter So Loud?

Every filter will make some noise. A lot of noise is usually due to the motor that powers the filter.

If your filter is internal, I would just move it to another side of the tank. Some people suggest putting the filter on a mat or piece of cardboard.

What Makes a Filter Noisy?

The motor and pump can be loud. If you have a canister filter and the motor isn’t fitted properly, it can vibrate against its housing and cause a lot of noise (and damage).

A powerful motor may run more smoothly than a weaker one. This does not necessarily mean it will be quieter, however.

The impeller can also be noisy if it’s damaged or dirty. Check it for wear or damage and replace it if necessary.


When choosing a fish tank, it is important that you don’t forget to purchase a good filter system. A filter will keep your water clean and healthy for the fish. It helps in maintaining the right pH balance and prevents algae growth. In the end, a filter will help in making your fish tank aquarium look attractive, one of the most attractive parts of fish keeping hobby.