What Fish Can Go With Tangs?

What Fish Can Go With Tangs?

If you’re a fan of marine aquariums, you’ve probably come across tangs. These colorful and lively fish, also known as surgeonfish, are a popular choice for many hobbyists. But if you’re considering adding tangs to your tank, you might wonder what fish can coexist with them harmoniously.

Tangs can be a bit territorial and aggressive towards other fish, so it’s important to choose tankmates that can hold their own or are not easily intimidated. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best fish companions for tangs, so you can create a vibrant and peaceful community in your aquarium.

Key Takeaways:

Before we delve into the specifics, let’s take a quick look at some key points to remember when choosing fish to accompany tangs:

Key Takeaways
– Tangs can be territorial, so choose tankmates that can hold their own.
– Avoid fish with similar body shapes or colors to prevent aggression.
– Provide plenty of hiding spots and swimming space for all the fish.
– Avoid aggressive and fin-nipping fish that may stress out the tangs.
– Introduce new fish slowly and monitor their interactions closely.

Remember, every fish has its own unique temperament, so compatibility can vary. It’s important to monitor the behavior of your tangs and other fish during the introduction and make adjustments if needed.

Now, let’s explore some specific fish that can coexist peacefully with tangs.


One of the most iconic combinations in the saltwater aquarium world is the pairing of tangs with clownfish. Tangs and clownfish have different body shapes and colors, which helps minimize aggression. The clownfish is also known for its ability to hold its ground and establish its territory, making it an excellent companion for tangs.


Gobies are small, peaceful fish that can make great tankmates for tangs. Their small size helps them stay out of the tang’s way, and their bottom-dwelling behavior creates a dynamic environment in the aquarium. Look for gobies like the firefish or the watchman goby, which have interesting behaviors and eye-catching colors.


Blennies are another group of fish that can thrive alongside tangs. These small, elongated fish with unique personalities make fantastic additions to your aquarium. Some popular choices include the lawnmower blenny, with its algae-eating habits, and the midas blenny, known for its vibrant yellow color.


Wrasses are a diverse group of fish that come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. While some wrasses can be aggressive, many species are peaceful and can coexist with tangs. Make sure to choose wrasses that won’t compete for the same food sources, and provide ample hiding spots to accommodate their individual needs.

Creating a harmonious community in your tank is a crucial aspect of keeping a successful aquarium. While tangs can be somewhat challenging in terms of compatibility, with careful selection and monitoring, you can find fish that will live harmoniously with them. Just remember to consider the size, temperament, and feeding habits of potential tankmates, and you’ll be well on your way to a thriving and lively aquarium.