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Is Your Goldfish Dead? Here Is What You Should Do Now

When you have a pet goldfish, it is important to take good care of them. If you don’t do so, then they may die. There are many reasons why your goldfish dies and one of them is due to poor aquarium water quality or other tank conditions that cause stress on the fish’s body. But no matter what we do, one day they are going to die for sure. In this article, we will discuss some things that you need to do after you have lost your goldfish. And some tips on how you can prevent such death from happening again in the future.

1- Remove The Dead Fish

You should ensure that you properly remove all traces of your goldfish’s body so that it does not pollute your water. If possible, use a container meant for disposing of dead animals like plastic trash bags or other suitable material designed specifically for this purpose as opposed to just throwing them away.

2- Check On The Health Of Other Fish

If your pet goldfish has died, you may want to check on the health of other fish in the tank. Make sure that they are eating well and that there is no sign of disease on them. It’s better you do not remove any healthy fish from their home so as not to upset their ecosystem unless you see some signs of disease.

3- Clean Up The Messes

To ensure that you’re ready for the next goldfish, clean up any messes made by your pet’s death.

  • Clean out all decorations that have been used recently by your pets (such as plants).
  • Make sure you remove any food particles before doing so too; this may reduce bacteria growth if left lying around too long.
  • Clean out all filter media including carbon, sand, or other types of material used as filters.
  • It’s better to use some water salt as well.

4- Determine The Cause Of Death

dead fish in aquarium

If you’re like most pet owners, it can be difficult to determine the cause of your goldfish’s death. This is because there are many different factors that could have contributed to their demise, such as:

  • Temperature – Did they die because they were kept in too warm water? If so, try lowering their tank temperature and see if that helps them live longer.
  • Water pH Level – Did they die because their tank’s pH level was off (too high or too low)? You can test your water by adding some vinegar or baking soda into a cup of tap water and seeing what happens when you add this solution into the tank with your fish (if nothing happens then there isn’t anything wrong with either). Also, check out my article How Often Should You Really Clean Your Fish Tank
  • Nitrate Level – Did your pet suffer from excess nitrogen in its system? Generally, nitrates build up over time due to a poor filtration system.

5- Prevent Those Causes In The Future

If you are lucky enough to find the cause of your goldfish’s death then make sure you don’t let it happen again. It is as simple as that.

6- Do Not Be Sad

dead fish in aquarium

Everything has to die. That’s a fact of life. There’s no getting around it, and you’ll probably be sad about it for a while. But don’t be too hard on yourself if your pet goldfish dies.

Instead of worrying about what happened to your fish, think about having a new one and hope that within a few weeks you will start loving your new pet.

7- Clean The Tank Decorations

It is good to clean the decorations. You should remove the decorations from your tank and wash them with water. Then, rinse them in a bowl of fresh water before putting them back in their place.

After this, make sure that there is no dirt or debris on any item of decoration so as not to lead to disease or fungus growths on your pet goldfish’s body parts such as fins and scales.

8- Get New Fresh Food

To make sure your pet goldfish has a good time in its new home, you should get fresh food for it. You should provide your new fish with a balanced diet which will help them live longer lives.

It’s also important that you feed your fish on a regular basis so they don’t starve or become malnourished. But how much more than usual? Well, the amount of food that’s best for any given species depends on several factors including size and health; therefore there isn’t an exact answer here! What is important is making sure your pet has enough nutrients without becoming obese over time (this could lead to many other problems).

Optional Things

Here are a few of the optional things that you might wanna do.

9- Make Sure Filter Is Working Properly

You should also make sure that your filter is working properly, you should look at the following:

  • Is the water level too low for the filter? If so, it might be time for a water change.
  • Does anything float up through where water passes through? This could mean there’s dirt present on top of whatever part of your filter.

10- Change The Tank Water

It’s also recommended to change the water in their tank. This can be done by siphoning out 10% of the water and replacing it with new, clean water.

The best way to do this is by getting a siphon tube and putting it into one end of your fish tank while pouring out some clear water into another container (like an old glass jar).

The other option is to use a power filter that has an outlet for replacement filters so you don’t have to touch or move anything around when changing them out.


You can prevent your goldfish from dying by being careful with their tank and cleaning the decorations regularly. You should also make sure that the filter is working properly in order to keep the water clean. If there are any dead fish in your tank, remove them immediately before they start decaying and smell bad.