do goldfish sleep

Do Goldfish Sleep? Facts That You Need To Know

Goldfish are a common household fish and they have been cultivated since the 18th century. They have become popular because of their bright colors and easy care. However, many people wonder do goldfish sleep? and if they do so, how long they do sleep? If you are one of those people then you are not alone. Even there was a time when I couldn’t answer this question.

So I decided to do some research and share this information with you. I will explain everything you need to know about sleeping goldfish in this article. So let’s get started.

What Happens If Your Fish Don’t Get Enough Sleep?

Fish need to sleep just like other animals do. They even have the same brain wave patterns as humans when they’re sleeping. Fish also wake up when they are disturbed while sleeping and can suffer from insomnia and sleeplessness if they don’t get enough restful sleep.

Sleep is important for all animals because it restores their energy after a busy day of feeding and swimming around. Fish use this time to repair damage caused by free radicals in the water and their bodies, as well as regenerate new brain cells and strengthen their immune systems.

When a person gets too little sleep, he or she may feel irritable, anxious, or depressed. Symptoms are similar to those seen in people who are deprived of sleep for long periods of time. The same thing goes for fish, if they don’t get enough restful sleep, they may become more aggressive toward other fish or display other signs of stress such as pacing around their tank or rubbing themselves against objects in their tank (known as “rocking”).

Do Goldfish Sleep?

do goldfish sleep

Yes, It’s true that goldfish sleep in order to release their stress and gain energy, but their sleep is different from humans and they have different sleep patterns from humans. So It is important to provide your goldfish with a proper environment in which they can sleep.

What Time Do Goldfish Sleep?

so when do goldfish sleep? To be honest, I also don’t know the definitive answer. But one thing is for sure, goldfish can fall asleep at any time during the day and night. Although they don’t have an internal clock that tells them when it’s time to go to bed or wake up as humans do. But their circadian rhythm (internal clock) decides when they should go to sleep.

How Long Do Goldfish Sleep?

Goldfish sleep around 10 to 12 hours per day, which is comparable to humans who sleep eight to nine hours per night. This means that goldfish are capable of sleeping for two-thirds of their lives!

Do Old Goldfish Sleep More?

You are probably seeing your old goldfish resting more as compared to young ones because they have less energy and they don’t swim as much as young goldfish. But there is no scientific evidence that old goldfish sleep more than young ones. Neither It has been reported by any aquarists.

Where Do Goldfish Sleep?

goldfish near gravel

Goldfish can sleep anywhere they want, but most choose to sleep at the bottom of their tank. They will usually swim to the bottom and rest on the gravel or on a rock.

How Do Goldfish Sleep?

You can tell whether your goldfish is sleeping or not by looking for the signs that are mentioned below:

1- A sleeping goldfish generally stays near the bottom of the tank or near an air stone.

2- The tail is up and the body is horizontal to the bottom of the tank.

3- Goldfish’s eyes will be open while sleeping because they don’t have eyelids (detail below).

4- You can see them breathing slowly with their gills flapping in and out very slowly (this is called breathing).

5- The fish does not move at all, but sometimes twitches its fins slightly if it is disturbed by something such as another fish touching it or moving too close to it (this is called twitching).

Signs Of Sleep Deprivation in Goldfish

If your goldfish show any of these signs, it’s time to investigate:

1- Increased Level Of Stress

Stress is one of the side effects of sleep deprivation in goldfish. The fish tend to be aggressive and they can bite their owners. This is because they are irritated and also because they are not in their normal state of mind.

2- No Appetite For Food

A good sign that your fish is not getting enough sleep is when you notice that it does not want to eat its food. When you see this, it means that your goldfish needs more rest than what it is getting at night. It might be a result of the fact that the fish was kept awake for long hours during the day by children or other pets in the house.

3- Swimming At Odd Times

Another sign of sleep deprivation in goldfish is when you see your pet swimming at odd times during the day or night instead of sleeping like normal fish do after sunset. This could be due to stress or because they have been exposed to bright lights for long hours during the day which makes them uncomfortable enough to stay awake until late at the night.

4- Eye Cloudiness Or Redness

One sign that your goldfish may be suffering from sleep deprivation is eye cloudiness or redness around its eyes. When a fish does not get enough sleep it becomes more sensitive to things in its environment including light levels. Which may result in eye cloudiness or redness.

5- Swimming Erratically

A healthy goldfish will swim smoothly around its tank or pond without any problems. However, if your goldfish starts swimming erratically or “zigzagging” across the water’s surface, then it could be a sign that something is wrong with it. This could be due to poor water quality or another problem such as sleep deprivation.

6- Gasping At The Surface

If you notice your goldfish gasping for air at the surface of their tank or pond, then this could be a sign that they are suffering from sleep deprivation and need some rest time away from light sources and other distractions in their environment so they can get some decent sleep!

7- Lethargy

Goldfish that are lacking sleep will become sluggish and lethargic, even when they are swimming in a large tank or pond. This can be easily noticed by anyone who is paying attention to their pets closely during the day.

Do Goldfish Sleep Upside Down?

goldfish swim bladder upside down

 Many people are curious about goldfish behavior and whether or not they sleep. The short answer is No, a healthy goldfish will never sleep upside down. If your goldfish is floating upside down in the tank, then it’s a sign of sickness called “Swim Bladder Disease”.

Swim bladder disease is caused by an infection or injury to the fish’s swim bladder (an organ that controls buoyancy). In order to float normally in the water, a fish needs to be able to control its buoyancy by adjusting how much air it holds inside its swim bladder. If this organ becomes damaged or infected, it won’t work properly and you will see your goldfish floating upside down.

Do Goldfish Sleep Sideways?

goldfish laying sideways

The short answer is No, they don’t. Goldfish do not sleep sideways. However, If you see your goldfish sleeping sideways, this means they are sick and you should take immediate action.

How To Tell If Your Goldfish Is Sleeping Or Sick?

If you notice any of these signs, then this means your goldfish is not sleeping rather it is sick and it’s time to take your fish to the vet:

  1. Your goldfish is sleeping upside down (swim bladder disease).
  2. Your goldfish is quivering, gasping, or struggling to swim normally.
  3. Your goldfish has red patches on its skin.
  4. Your goldfish has white spots on its body.
  5. Your goldfish has a swollen abdomen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Goldfish Sleep Together?

goldfish sleeping together

Yes, It is true that goldfish sleep together. It is common for a group of 2 or 3 goldfish to stay together while sleeping.

Why Do Goldfish Sleep Together?

Generally, when your goldfish feels threatened or unprotected, their natural instincts take over and they huddle together and even sleep together as well. This behavior can be seen in many other animals as well. In fact, it’s a common behavior among all fishes living in the wild.

Another reason for this behavior is when they are sick or injured. If a single fish is hurt or sick and has nowhere else to go, then it will go to its friends for protection. The other fish will then help protect it from predators by swimming around it in circles and making themselves look bigger than normal so that any predator would think twice before attacking.

Do Goldfish Like To Sleep In The Dark?

Yes, it’s true. Goldfish tend to sleep better in the darker environment so if you want them to sleep more often, try keeping your aquarium lights off for some time so that they feel safe enough to take a rest!

Do Goldfish Rest With Their Eyes Open?

goldfish resting

The answer is Yes, When you look at a goldfish, you may notice that its eyes are always open. This is because goldfish don’t have eyelids as humans do. So they can’t close their eyes. Instead, they rely on a protective layer of mucus on their eyes to keep them moist and safe from parasites.

Do Goldfish Dream While Sleeping?

No, Goldfish don’t have sleep stages like humans do. They never enter the REM (rapid eye movement) stage where human dreams occur. Instead, they go into a state of rest and relaxation during which time their brains are still active but they’re not moving around. And It is not backed by any scientific evidence as well that goldfish do dream while sleeping.

Few Final Words

Okay, I hope this article helped you learn some new things about goldfish and now that you’re an expert on goldfish sleep (hopefully), it’s time to share your newfound knowledge with the world! Tell your family and friends about all of these interesting facts about your goldfish and see their reactions. And if you have any other questions please do share them with me in the comment section. I will do my best to answer them.