rose tail betta

What Are The Different Betta Fish Types?

When you’re looking for a betta fish, you want to find one that will fit in your tank without disturbing other fish. But you have no idea how many betta fish types are available and which of those are available to buy in pet stores. If you’re in this boat, then my goal is to help you out. By the time we’re done reading this article, you’ll know everything about different betta fish types and where to find them.

List Of 8 Different Types Of Betta Fish

There are different types of betta fish that can be found in pet stores. So let’s have a look at them one by one.

Note: List only contains the most common betta fish types

1- Veil Tail Betta

veil tail betta

Veil Tail Bettas are the most popular and coveted of all betta fish. They are a fairly new variety, first being bred around 2010. Their unique appearance makes them stand out from other types of Betta fish. These fish have a much larger tail fin and it extends to the middle of their bodies making this type of betta look like they are wearing a veil. This special feature can be seen in both males and females.

Veil Tail Bettas come in many colors including reds, yellows, blues, and even whites! Their colors can vary depending on breed and location. They make great pets because they’re easy to care for once you learn some basics about how they live so that they stay healthy while giving off vibes good enough to keep up with any personalities who may get close enough to see one day too (if not sooner).”

2- Crown Tail Betta

crown tail betta

It is not the most common type of betta fish, but it is still one of the most popular. The crown tail male betta fish has an interesting appearance, which makes it a popular choice among hobbyists. Its body shape is similar to that of a normal male betta fish; however, its tail fin has a distinctive curl at the end with beautiful colors (usually bright orange or yellow).

The crown tail male betta fish is known for being very active and playful in their tanks. They will happily swim around their tank and may even swim up to you when you visit them. It takes some time for these lovely little creatures to bond with their owners because they start out shy at first; however, once they get used to being handled by humans they will become very friendly toward people. This trait makes them great pets because they love being around people so much – especially if you have other pets as well.

3- Double Tail Betta

double tail betta

A double tail betta is a unique variation of the single tail betta. They have two tails that can look like they are in different colors or they can be the same color. Double tail bettas are one of the most sought-after and exotic types of betta fish because they have a very interesting appearance compared to other types of bettas.

Double tail Bettas come in many colors and patterns, such as reds, whites, oranges, yellows, and blacks but their most striking feature is their double tails! The first thing you’ll notice about them is how vibrant their colors are! They usually have blue eyes with black on top similar to other single-tailed ones so it’s easy to tell them apart from other species.

4- Rose Tail

rose tail betta

The Rose Tail is a beautiful and unique betta fish that has a slightly elongated body, with an appearance similar to an Oranda. The Rose Tail’s tail fin is more pointed than rounded, which gives it its name. They have an overall metallic appearance, with a bright red coloration on their bodies and fins depending on breeding lines and the quality of their diet.

Rose Tail Betta Fish are very social creatures who will thrive in groups of three or more if you provide enough space for them all to swim freely. If you plan to keep only one Rose Tail Betta Fish as your pet, you should give him/her plenty of space and live plants from which he can hide when feeling threatened.

They tend to be very shy around new people but once they get used to being handled by you (or another trusted person) they will become much less afraid of people in general. Sometimes even come out from hiding if they feel like it!

5- Delta Tail Betta

delta tail betta

Delta tail bettas are a very attractive fish. They have a long, thin body that is often covered in bright colors. They also have beautiful fins and tails, both of which can be red or orange. Delta tails tend to be on the smaller side, but they make up for it with their vivid colors and interesting shape. This is one of my favorite types of betta because it’s so pretty!

It’s not all about looks though: delta tails are known for being very intelligent fish and can learn quite easily how to do tricks. This unique behavior makes them great pets if you want something more than just your average pet fish; they’re fun to play around with too so I’d recommend getting one if you’re looking for something different.

6- Plakat Betta

plakat betta

Plakats are known for their long fins and the fact that they do not have a dorsal fin. They also tend to be more active than other betta varieties, darting from one end of the tank to another, looking for food, or just exploring their surroundings.

Plakats can be found in all colors and patterns, but they often have longer fins than other types of betta fish. Some breeders even describe them as having “double tails” because of how much their tails stick out. Their tail movement is usually quite beautiful to watch as well!

You’ll find that plakat bettas are generally hardier than other varieties due to their ability to swim very quickly if something scares them. These fish require an aquarium with plenty of space so they can easily escape danger, which means you should avoid using small tanks at home (such as bowls). A 10-gallon tank should be sufficient for one or two plakat bettas

7- Halfmoon Betta

halfmoon betta

Halfmoon bettas are a relatively new variety to the fancy betta fish community. These fish have large, round, flowing fins that curve inward like crescent moons on both sides of their bodies.

Halfmoons are also one of the most popular varieties of betta because they’re very easy to care for and can be found in many colors and tail types. They make great starter pets for kids and adults alike!

The Halfmoon betta is mostly white with red markings on its head and body, as well as two black lines that travel along each side up towards its tail fin (which is also usually red). Some halfmoons have been bred by hobbyists to create even more striking color combinations like blue/green or orange/yellow stripes.

8- Elephant Ear Betta

Elephant Ear Betta

The elephant ear betta fish is a gorgeous, elegant Betta with a large head and tail fin. They have blue and silver scales, as well as the olive green body color. They are rare to find in pet stores but can be purchased online or from breeders. The elephant ear Betta has an average lifespan of 3-4 years, which is the same as most other Bettas.

They are very peaceful and get along with other fishes just fine if you want them to but will probably not bother each other unless there’s something in their territory that they feel needs protecting (like food).

How To Differentiate Between Male and Female Betta Fish?

There are some obvious differences between male and female betta fish, but there are also subtle distinctions you can use to tell them apart.

  1. Male betta fish are more colorful than their female counterparts, typically displaying more intense reds and oranges in addition to other vibrant hues.
  2. Male Bettas also tend to have longer fins than females: their dorsal and anal fins will be longer and fuller compared with the shorter and less-defined fins of females.
  3. In addition, male Bettas tend to have a slightly more elongated body shape that is slightly flatter than the wider bodies of female Bettas.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we talk about some common betta fish types that you can choose from. We’ve also included in this list some of their defining factors, as well as characteristics only unique to it. In general, there are several types of betta fish species readily available in pet stores and dealers. It’s best to understand the characteristics that make each one unique so that you can make a good buying decision.